About Us

Alexis "Lex Scott" Davis is a 24 year old dancer, model and actress from Baltimore, Maryland. She began dancing and acting in 1993, having professional work at an early age with companies such as Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. In 2009 Davis was accepted to Drexel University as a Dance Physical Therapy Major, where she attended full-time until she was selected for a Kardashian spread in Glamour Magazine's January 2012 issue. In 2013 she moved to New York City to further her acting career studying at the New York Film Academy, and has recently relocated to Los Angeles to do the same. Aside from her studies, Davis has an assortment of print modeling and camera experience, having main roles in 10 music videos, 7 student films, 2 short film, and 4 stage plays in the past 3 years. Davis will be making her debut on January 23, 2016 playing the role of Toni Braxton in the Lifetime biopic "Un-break My Heart". 

 Height: 5'5"                     Hair Color: Brown                   Eye Color: Brown